If you are one of the many people who do not look forward to sleep because you cannot get comfortable in a traditional bed, then an Avante Hi Lo Electric Adjustable Bed may be the answer.At a touch of a button you will be able to have countless sleeping positions and you will find that you can finally rest easy and get to sleep.


Lifestyle Beds

Along with the head and foot adjustments the Avante Hi Lo bed comes with the added option of being able to raise and lower the bed. This technology is priceless for those people that need the convenience of getting into bed at a height suitable for their health needs.

The Avante Hi Lo bed features 3 German design motors and an 8” Latex Foam mattress. This superior technology is excellent for people that are looking to have that extra comfort while they sleep. Our years of experience also show that the Avante Hi Lo bed will provide temporary relief for people who suffer from:


The avante Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed is the most advanced adjustable bed available to consumers.

The Hi-Lo allows ultimate height adjustment from 42cms to 85cms.


Move in and out of bed with ease

Adjustable level to assist care providers

Relief from back pain

Relieves pressure on muscles and joints

Helps blodd circulation

Releif for artheitis suffers

Independent head & foot lift

Complete bed height adjustment


The Smart FLEX

Adjustable bed

Come instore for a demo of the amazing lift beds.

SmartFlex 2

The exciting new Smartflex 2 adjustable bed with massage function is expertly engineered and offers modern innovation with a touch of class.


Adjustable massage function

Independent head & foot lift

Cordless Operation

Relief from back pain

Relieves pressure on muscles and joints

Helps blodd circulation

Relief for arthritis suffers

Preset positions 


SmartFlex 3 

Same as the SmartFlex 2 with the added 

advantage of HiLo function


Like always Conditions do apply


From $1849  

Also available in

Long single

King Single

Split Queen

or Split King

Available in:  Long Single

                        King Single


                        Queen Split